MD-KY BEYOND   Current Members     December 31, 2023   (updating 2/6/2024)

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If you are listed below and we do not have family names listed, please email us at

Member Name       Current State Surname Interest

           Alvey, Beverly J <charter member>           KY Alvey, West, Wethington, O'Bryan, McKune, Lanham

Bailey, Barbara KY

Barker, Richard J KY

Barnes, Catherine F KY

Blakeman, Nancy C KY

Bowling, Cheryl A KY

Braden, Susan M TX

Brinn, Mary C NC

Broughton, Joyce C KY

Brown, Charles A. WA Brown, Elliott, Brewer, Beall

Buckler, Stacy D.                                             KY

Cherry, Netta L MO

Collins, Carolyn A IN

Conder, Catherine A. IL

Cooper, Anita R. IN

Darnell, Betty R. (charter member> KY Little, Bowles, Elder, Worland, Mudd, White/Whyte,

Davison, Janice L IN

Delaney, Mary A. KY Delaney, Cissell, Cecil

Dewey, Jeanette W. PA

Dirr, Elizabeth A. OH

Downey, Margaret R. KY

Doyle, Erin A. IN

Dunbar, Linda S. MO

Elkharwily, Wanda M. KY  

Ellis, James A. <charter member> IN Cissell, Raney/Riney, Montgomery, Bramble, Jenkins,

     Feige, Peggy     VA

     Fennell, Janice Joy     MI

     Freeman, Felix D.     VA

     Gilley, Joseph W.     IN 

     Grant, Elaine <charter member>     KY         Hagan, Hardesty, Stowers, Stephens, Mulligan/Mullican

     Green, Patricia     KY

 Hagan, Tim NV Hagan, Gwynn, Simms, Edelen

 Hager, Christine D. <charter member> IL Hajduk, Bagerski, Magala, Srebro

Hager, Robert E. <charter member> IL Hager,Medley,Thompson,Cessell,Livers,Boone,Mattingly,Ballard

Hardesty, Linda C. <charter member> CA Herrick

Hardesty, William A. <charter member> CA Budges, Burges, Thompson

Harpley, Therese "Diann" IL

Hart, Marsha K. TN Duvall, Tarleton, French

Hood, Vonnie P KY

Howard, Michael W. KY

Jarboe, Karen Anne <charter member> FL Jarboe, Hayden, Thomas, Wathen

Jarboe-Butley, Joleen Denice                         KY

Jenkins, Janet H. KY

Jones, Donna S. FL

Kinney, Janet N. KY

Knoll, Jerry M. MO

Knoll, John F. MO

Kroll, Gretchen E. <charter member> VA

Kupsky, Mary Jane IL

Lawse, Don <charter member> IA Brown, Drury, Reynolds, French

Lins, Amy E. WI

Linville, Mary T TN

Maier, Mary C FL

Martin, Anglea D NC

Martin, Joella V. <charter member> CA Hutchins, Simms, Cambron, Riggs

Martin, Roberta M. SC

McGeehan, Donna S. <charter member> IL Grant, Thornbury, Thompson, Williams, Gardner

McGeehan, Peter Owen <charter member> IL McGeehan, Schoenig, Gribben, McGuire, McDermott

McGloin, Linda K NE

McLeod, Catherine I. KY Simpson, Boles, McBride, Quiggins

Milburn, Betty L KY

Miller, Jeanine H. <charter member> MI Head,Carrico,Lanham,Spalding, Higdon,Hardin,Walker,Atee

Moore, Mary Ellen KY

Morton, Marena W. SC Cecil,Mattingly,Bowlds,Payne, Aud,Brewer,Hayden,Fulkerson

Mudd, Reggie M. TN

Murphy, Clay KY Thompson, Nevitt, Hayden, Murphy, Drury

Nolan, Pamela A. IN

Paynter, Walker "Burt" <charter member> WA Talbot, Spalding, Moore, Blair, McManus, Livers, Sutcliffe,Bicke

Proot SSND, Joyelle MO

Proot, Kevin MO

Raney, James "Jim" B. TX

   Rateike, Anita L.     FL     Norris,,Burch, Miles,Johnson, Wathen,O'Bryan,Thompson

    Reid, Donna Jean     KY

    Ringwald, Mary R.     IN

Scheer, Nancy L. <charter member> MO Boles, Burch, Quiggins, Morrison, McGee

Schmitt, Marie B. KY Edelen, Craven, Clements, Cambron

Shultz, Betty G. FL

Shively, Larry Wayne <charter member> IL Thompson, Hayden, Buckman, Shively

Shively, Walter B. KY Shively, Erickson, Burke, Camp

Sipes, Ann T. <charter member> KY Ray,Barnes,Heiman,Sipes,Dowell, McDonough,Buckman

Sipes, Joseph A. <charter member> KY Sipes, Mattingly, Yates,Barnes, Ray.Metcalf, Redman/Redmon

Stinson, Debby S. KY Jarboe, Thomas, Wathen, Milby

Teter, Helen C IL

Thomas, Martha J. <charter member> KY Johnson/Johnston, Medley, Wathen, Peake, Holthouser,

Thompson, Kenneth J. KY

Tinnell, Judi L CA

Triplett, Carol NC

Triplett, Terri NC

Tuttle, Theresa L MI

Vuncannon, Mary F. KY Ford, Spalding, Mattingly, Luckett

Walker, Teresa A TX

Walls, Sandra M. KY Osborne, Hill, Badgett, Corbett

Wathen, Rhonda <charter member>       KY Patton, Montgomery, Wethington, Clements, Goode, Speaks, Davis

Webb, Kevin J. IL

Winterberg, Bobbye L KY