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Those with *** are charter members from 2014.

MD-KY BEYOND Current Members SEPT. 14, 2022

Member Name State 2014 - Current Surname Interest

Alvey, Beverly J KY Charter Member Alvey, West, Wethington, O'Bryan, McKune, Lanham

Ancestral Trails Historical Society KY Charter Member

Arnold, Debra D. VA Clark, Blincoe, Dorsch, Coates, McSweeney, Hayden, Pitt

Ballard, Edmund "Wayne" KY Charter Member Ballard, Howard, Mills, Yeckering

Bayens, Barbara KY Downs, Riggs

Bean, Rosalie G. CA Charter Member Hagan, Bean, Thralls

Brown, Charles A. WA Brown, Elliott, Brewer, Beall

Brown, Delores A. KY

Bryan, Frank D. KY Bryan, Dant, Jenkins

Cambron, Thomas R. TN Thomas, Spalding, Mills, Winsatt,Drury,Wathen,Hardisty

Darnell, Betty R. KY Charter Member Little, Bowles, Elder, Worland, Mudd, White/Whyte,

Delaney, Mary A. KY Delaney, Cissell, Cecil

Dunbar, Linda S. MO

Ellis, James A. IN Charter Member Cissell, Raney/Riney, Montgomery, Bramble, Jenkins,

Gill, Allen C. AZ Gill, Allen, Beaty, Beatly

Grant, Elaine KY Charter Member Hagan, Hardesty, Stowers, Stephens, Mulligan/Mullican

Hagan, Kevin J. TX

Hagan, Sr. George Mary KY Charter Member Bowling, Hagan

Hagan, Tim NV Hagan, Gwynn, Simms, Edelen

Hager, Christine D. IL Charter Member Hajduk, Bagerski, Magala, Srebro

Hager, Robert E. IL Charter Member Hager,Medley,Thompson,Cessell, Livers,Boone,Mattingly,Ballard

Hardesty, Linda C. CA Charter Member Herrick

Hardesty, William A. CA Charter Member Budges, Burges, Thompson

Hart, Marsha K. TN Duvall, Tarleton, French

Hause, Nancy P. CO Miles, Bookman, Pike, Carrico, Yates, Williams

Henderson, William "Bill" OH Henderson, Laha, Handley, Hayden

Hood, Vonnie P. KY Charter Member Hood, Carrier, Cecil, Cissell,Crume, Ballard, Reid

Hornung, Jo Ann TX Charter Member Hagan, Noble, Power, Hardy, Thompson, Roberts, Mudd

Jarboe, Karen Anne FL Charter Member Jarboe, Hayden, Thomas, Wathen

Kermon, Vivian L. KY Russell, Grant, Hughes, Lush

Kroll, Gretchen E. VA Charter Member

Lawse, Don IA Charter Member Brown, Drury, Reynolds, French

Levonian, Suzanne J. KY Johnson, Norris, Roberts, Rooney

Martin, Joella V. CA Charter Member Hutchins, Simms, Cambron, Riggs

McGeehan, Donna S. IL Charter Member Grant, Thornbury, Thompson, Williams, Gardner

McGeehan, Peter Owen IL Charter Member McGeehan, Schoenig, Gribben, McGuire, McDermott

McLeod, Catherine I. KY Simpson, Boles, McBride, Quiggins

Miller, Jeanine H. MI Charter Member Head,Carrico,Lanham,Spalding, Higdon,Hardin,Walker,Atee

Mitchell-Anderson, Teresa K. OR Mitchell, Shipley, Gibson, Berry

Morton, Marena W. SC Cecil,Mattingly,Bowlds,Payne, Aud,Brewer,Hayden,Fulkerson

Murphy, Clay KY Thompson, Nevitt, Hayden, Murphy, Drury

Paynter, Walker "Burt" WA Charter Member Talbot,Spalding,Moore,Blair, McManus,Livers,Sutcliffe,Bicke

Phillips, Kay OH Charter Member

Prang, Jeffrey CA Charter Member Thompson,Cole,French,Gatton, Bryan,Mattingly,Jarboe,Hayden,+

Raney, James "Jim" B. TX

Rateike, Anita L. FL Norris,Burch, Miles,Johnson, Wathen,O'Bryan, Thompson,Cissel

Scheer, Nancy L. MO Charter Member Boles, Burch, Quiggins, Morrison, McGee

Schmitt, Marie B. KY Edelen, Craven, Clements, Cambron

Schreiner, Lynda J. KY Barron, Riney, Cissell, Mattingly

Shively, Larry Wayne IL Charter Member Thompson, Hayden, Buckman, Shively

Shively, Walter B. KY Shively, Erickson, Burke, Camp

Sipes, Ann T. KY Charter Member Ray,Barnes,Heiman,Sipes,Dowell, McDonough,Buckman, Tyson,

Sipes, Joseph A. KY Charter Member Sipes,Mattingly, Yates,Barnes, Ray.Metcalf, Redman/Redmon

Stinson, Debby S. KY Jarboe, Thomas, Wathen, Milby

Sweat, Nora E. KY Boarman, Bowman, Lasley, Buckles, Hagan

Thomas, Martha J. KY Charter Member Johnson/Johnston, Medley, Wathen, Peake, Holthouser, Anderson,

Vuncannon, Mary F. KY Ford, Spalding, Mattingly, Luckett

Walker, Nancy Marie KY Charter Member Ford, Fogle, Greenwell, Burck, Taylor, Thompson,Mattingly, Medley

Walls, Sandra M. KY Osborne, Hill, Badgett, Corbett

Wathen, Rhonda KY Charter Member Patton, Montgomery, Wethington, Clements, Goode,Speaks, Marple,+

Wood, Benjamin A. MD Miles, Shepherd